A Word from Renshi Andrews    

Saturday, April 10th, 2010

We have recently been assessing weapons kata and transitions from it to empty-handed kata.  The variety of bunkai derived from weapons is very astounding as it really improves your empty-hand tuite.

My students and I have been very much enjoying weapons classes as it gives us more insight into Okinawan tuite. 

Come join our classes to see what we have to offer, and you're sure to be surprised of the outcome and vastly improve your empty-handed self-defense.







     "I find myself in utter amazement once again!  (In a little bit of pain but still in utter amazement!)  You have the gift that only the greats have.  Your ability to breakdown our system and explain how it works is better than anyone in the system.  Your knowledge and understanding rivals the greats, sir.  Dillman, Lee, Parker and Andrews.  That's the way I see it.  The four greatest martial artists in the last 100 years.  Thank you Sensei!"

     "Thanks so much for the wonderful instruction at the Camp  As usual, you were right on time with your stuff.  Very simple, teachable, but deep at the same time.  Your theories on the stances are nothing short of genius.  Thanks for leading the way with cutting-edge discoveries.  Hope to train with you many more times in the future; you are certainly a tremendous asset to Hogan Karate International."

     "It's a great honor to have a person trust you, teach you, and care for you as Renshi Andrews does.  Whether the topic is karate or life, he has answers for everything.  This is what I believe separates my teacher from others; he teaches me in the manner that he wished to be taught.  He is there for me when I want to learn or need to talk to him.  I can't help but strive to exceed his expectations and make him proud.  Thank you sir for your utmost passion to continue teaching and guiding us."








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